Keeping Your Kids Safe at Amusement Parks


Amusement parks are in the news lately, and sadly, not because of positive news. Earlier in the summer we heard of a woman who fell to her death from a roller coaster at a Texas amusement park. Even more recently, we heard of two boys who suffered neck wounds on a carousel, and a Coney Island young boy who suffered a mangled leg from another ride. Are amusement parks becoming more dangerous, or are we less equipped to handle an accident?

When it comes to our kids, our instinct is to keep them safe at all times. When we’re driving we make sure they’re buckled in. When we’re shopping we make sure we hold their hands tightly while walking, and keep them in the carts when browsing the aisles. When we’re walking on the road or hiking we keep them close to our sides and within our lines of vision. But, what about at amusement parks? Those venues are supposed to be fun for all, aren’t they? Don’t we trust the rides are safe, and that the operators and regulators have anticipated a child’s every move? What are some things you can do to make sure your child stays safe on the rides that beckon them when excitement is foremost on the agenda?

  • Make sure your kids remain seated at all times. In the case of the Coney Island accident, the boy jumped out of the car while it was moving.
  • In addition to making sure your child remains seated, be sure that the safety strap is used, and that there is no room for your child to unlatch the security buckle.
  • Make sure your kids are age-appropriate for the particular ride. The five-year-old who jumped off the moving kiddie roller coaster ride did so because he was scared and wanted out.
  • Is this your child’s first time riding a ride like that? Leaving them alone may not be your best choice. When possible, ride with your child.
  • Tell kids to face forward at all times, and to listen to the instructions.

If your child has been injured at an amusement park, compensation could be slow and unyielding depending several factors of the park. If it is a larger reputable amusement park, your results will be much different than a smaller, independently run amusement venue like a carnival or fair. Enlisting the advice of a New York attorney will help you settle, regardless of the size.

When the safety of our kids is in the hands of others, we know that no one takes better precautions than we do. Let’s do our best to make sure our kids know the rules of the parks so they can stay safe and enjoy the rides for years to come.

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