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An important — and often overlooked — way to avoid potential motor vehicle accidents is to maintain your vehicle’s tires and check the air pressure regularly. If your car does not have an automatic pressure monitoring gauge, check the pressure once a month or so. Especially in cold months, tires can become underinflated and pose a hazard.

Finz & Finz, P.C., in New York, understands, however, that not all tire-related accidents are the fault of the car owner or driver. Sometimes a car mechanic, gas station, tire manufacturer or another party may be responsible.

Underinflated Tires

Tires — including those on cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even airplanes — require a certain level of internal air pressure in order to maintain stability. Without sufficient air pressure in the tires, the driver can lose control of the vehicle more easily. Often, underinflation is caused by a puncture in the tire that causes a slow leak or by failure of a service station to fill the tire correctly.

Overinflated Tires

Overinflation puffs up the tire, causing only the inside tire treads to come in contact with the road. Because only the inside treads touch the ground, the tire has much less grip. This may cause the vehicle to skid or even roll over easily. Overinflation is sometimes due to the failure of a service station to inflate the tire according to specifications.

Worn Tires and Manufacturing Defects

Both overly worn tires and manufacturing defects can cause sudden blowouts. When this happens, the driver can easily lose control of the vehicle, swerve into oncoming traffic or encounter other dangers.

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If you were involved in a serious accident that may have been caused by a faulty tire, do not hesitate to consult a New York City defective tire lawyer at Finz & Finz, P.C., He or she will review your situation and help you determine if a negligent service provider or tire manufacturer may be liable for your injuries. Call the New York office toll-free at (855) TOP-FIRM or fill out the Free Case Evaluation form online.