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kids in an amusement park

We expect a trip to the amusement park to be fun, entertaining, and memorable. When tragedy strikes in this fun and jovial atmosphere, it’s especially horrific. A recent example shows how catastrophic theme park accidents can be. The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at Kings Island theme park

Long Island, New York

Long Island isn’t just known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant cultural scene. It is also home to some of America’s most influential figures in entertainment, sports, business, and the arts. From groundbreaking musicians and actors to pioneering business leaders and sports icons, the list of celebrities from Long Island includes many

Finz & Finz team

New York firm with record-breaking personal injury results recognizes important milestone. The New York-based injury firm of Finz & Finz, P.C. is excited to celebrate its 40th year of helping injured New Yorkers seek justice. Finz & Finz, P.C. – Our History We opened our doors in 1984. The Honorable

new york city

The village of Mineola, New York, incorporated in 1906, is the County Seat of Nassau County on Long Island. It has a diverse population of about 22,000. This lovely village is also home to many local celebrities in sports, journalism, movies, and more. When you take a closer look at

injured woman - Can I Receive Compensation for Loss of Consortium

How do you put a price on the love and affection of a family member? Though it can be challenging to assign a monetary value to something intangible, some states allow loved ones of individuals injured in accidents to seek compensation related to deprivation of intimacy and support. This legal

Police line at the scene of an accident

When you pursue a legal claim after suffering injuries or property damage in a car accident, you will need various types of evidence to prove the other driver’s or party’s fault for the crash. However, evidence and testimony may lead to conflicting accounts about what happened in the accident. Car

senior driver in New York City - Are Senior Drivers More at Risk of Causing a Car Accident

According to the CDC, the U.S. has approximately 48 million licensed drivers 65 and older, a number that has increased by nearly 70 percent in the past two decades. Although older adults who drive remain independent and mobile, the risk of causing a car accident rises as senior citizens age.

New York City car owner taking a look at his crashed car -What Are Brake Checking Accidents and What to Do After One

Did you suffer injuries in a brake-checking accident? A brake-check accident can cause serious injuries, especially for the trailing driver. If you were in a crash because the driver in front of you repeatedly tapped their brakes or slammed the brakes on purposely, you could have legal options for seeking