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An expert witness is a person with specialized knowledge in a particular area of study that could provide valuable evidence in a personal injury case. Attorneys often consult expert witnesses during various stages of a case to obtain substantial evidence that supports their arguments. These witnesses can assist with accident

Determining the frequency of truck accidents requires understanding the small percentage of commercial trucks found on the road at any given moment. The majority of vehicles are passenger cars. According to the National Safety Council, large trucks account for only four percent of all registered vehicles nationwide. However, they represent

Being in a truck accident is a shocking, even terrifying experience. That shock and terror can give way to anxiety and frustration in the days and weeks to come, as the medical bills grow and the time away from work adds up. If someone else caused the accident, they could

woman writing in pain journal to keep track of her symptoms after an accident

If someone else has injured you, you can pursue compensation for the harm they caused you by filing a personal injury claim against them. The purpose of this compensation is to make you “whole” again financially – that is, to give you the monetary resources you need to rebuild your

stethoscope laying on top of medical bills of a truck accident victim

Damage caps, also known as “tort reform,” are laws that limit the amount of damages that can be awarded to plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. These caps may apply to different types of damages, such as economic damages (e.g. medical expenses, lost wages) or non-economic damages (e.g. pain and suffering,

male doing PT after being involved in a car accident near NYC

Soreness and pain after a car wreck are common, and how long you’ll be sore depends on the types and extent of the injuries you sustained. Visiting the emergency room immediately after a crash is essential so that a doctor can examine you to determine the appropriate treatment plan for

man with a hat looking at his phone, waiting for an uber he ordered in NYC

It is difficult to estimate how often Uber crashes occur, as this information is private. However, it is important to note that all motor vehicle accidents, including those involving Uber vehicles, can be caused by various factors such as driver error, road conditions, and vehicle malfunction. It is crucial for

backed up traffic on a rainy day in new york

Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles carry many of the goods we use every day, but they also pose a significant safety hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. In a dense, crowded city like New York, semi-trucks can also cause catastrophic traffic jams as they struggle to navigate narrow streets with