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A boiler explosion in a Texas hospital on June 26th, 2018 left one dead and fifteen injured. The explosion destroyed large portions of the facility and forced residents of nearby long-term care facilities and nursing homes to be moved. A natural gas explosion occurred elsewhere nearby earlier in the day,

In March of 2015 residents of New York City’s East Village experienced a devastating gas explosion that leveled three buildings and took the lives of two innocent people. Now almost a year later, five individuals are facing criminal charges in connection with the accident that brought the New York City

In cities and towns across America, mobile businesses have a huge impact on day-to-day life. In smaller towns, roadside vendors and temporary kiosks on the town square for holidays and other events contribute meaningful tax dollars to a tight budget. In larger cities, food trucks and food stands provide many

Many homes and business use natural gas for its economic advantages. However, while natural gas burns a lot cleaner than coal, it comes with potentially deadly risks. Because it is odorless, utility companies supply the gas with a rotten egg smell to alert customers to a leak. Gas leaks can