Year: 2020

winter car accident pileup in Long Island, New York

Winter weather can lead to a wide range of personal injury claims, such as slips, trips, and falls, car accidents, and more. Winter weather is a leading force behind many personal injuries throughout New York. If you have been seriously injured as a result of winter weather and negligence, you

group of friends drinking on new years eve in New York

Each year, many New Yorkers look forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Although we can’t predict how the 2020 holiday season will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing guidelines, data from prior years suggest that traffic on New Year’s Eve could be

2020 changing to 2021

This has been a year of despair. The number of Coronavirus victims continues to rise at an alarming rate. And deaths are not far behind. The vicious Covid-19 armies have stricken without regard to poverty or wealth, or color of skin, or religious beliefs. Its invaders have attacked left-wing radicals,

Hospital malpractice refers to instances where negligence contributes to the injury or illness of a hospital patient. The hospital’s lack of reasonable care can lead to severe injuries and even death. For example, if a hospital staff member is hired without a background check, or understaffing prevents staff from delivering

New York doctor holding medical records

When healthcare providers do not meet the professional standards of care that the law requires, the resulting medical negligence or medical malpractice can harm patients. Medical negligence is notoriously difficult to prove. People who sustain injuries from medical negligence often face significant hurdles when trying to recover compensation to help

injured at work in a New York warehouse

If you have suffered a workplace injury in New York, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is essentially insurance paid for by your employer that provides cash benefits and medical care for employees who are hurt on the job. Different types of benefits are available when you

elderly man sitting alone in a New York nursing home room

In nursing homes in New York and throughout the United States, physical and emotional abuse are not the only forms of elder abuse. Another common form of nursing home abuse is financial abuse. Financial abuse is when an individual or organization mismanages, conceals, or outright steals an elderly individual’s money, property, or other assets. While