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A ferry bearing passengers from Nantucket to Hyannis ran aground in the late evening of June 16th, 2017, leaving 18 injured. An investigation by the Coast Guard has yet to yield any answers as to why the boat went off track and crashed into the rocky shoals, though the company

Many cities and towns use ferries for every day transportation. Ferries allow us to move across rivers and other waterways. If you followed the news during the spring of 2014, you might have been captivated, or scared, about reports of deadly ferry accidents overseas. News reports stated rescue workers in

Several vessels, including three cruise ships, were trapped off the coast of Texas last month from oil spills that prevented those routes to be used for travel. In South Korea, a ferry carrying 425 high school students sunk, killing more than 200 with 90 or more still missing. U.S. News