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Public transportation systems require ongoing maintenance and improvements to ensure that they are safe for public use. However, far too often, negligence and mismanagement allow these systems to fall into disrepair, putting you and your loved ones at risk. Unfortunately, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York City is

Electrical shock is always dangerous, and site supervisors and contractors should do everything possible to avoid exposing workers to live current. An electrical shock can result in cardiac arrest, resulting in the death of the worker. Even less serious shocks can still cause electrical burns and other long-term health problems.

Electrical accidents do not truly happen by accident, except perhaps on the rarest of occasions. Generally speaking, electrical incidents at the workplace are preventable, provided the employer has properly invested in safety equipment. Electricity is dangerous and sources of electricity must always be treated with the utmost respect, and there

It’s not our fault. That is the sentiment of the people in charge of the lake where three Boy Scouts were electrocuted to death on August 5th, 2017. Two older Eagle Scouts were teaching a younger boy how to sail when their mast struck a power line 30 feet above

A tragic tale out of Tampa, Florida reminds us all of the danger that surrounds almost every building in America. A 22-year-old young man heard a loud boom, looked outside to find the fence was on fire, and rushed out to try to keep the fire from spreading while his

Many of us have taken to do-it-yourself home repair. With the cost of living and home maintenance high in so many parts of the country, we do what we can to cut costs here and there even if it means engaging in a tasks for which we have no training,