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You should promptly call a truck accident lawyer after getting hurt in a truck accident you believe someone else caused. Although you are not legally required to retain representation, doing so can prove valuable as you seek full and fair compensation for your losses. Holding the trucker or motor carrier

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The person or company you can hold accountable for your injuries in a truck accident will depend on the circumstances. Multiple parties can be at fault, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are financially responsible for your medical bills and other expenses. Determining liability after a truck accident can be

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In 2021, nine percent of New York State (NYS) fatalities involved large trucks. If you were injured in a truck accident in NYS that wasn’t your fault while in a car, on foot, or riding a bicycle, you could be eligible for compensation. You need and deserve money to cover your medical

truck accident in new york

Determining the frequency of truck accidents requires understanding the small percentage of commercial trucks found on the road at any given moment. The majority of vehicles are passenger cars. According to the National Safety Council, large trucks account for only four percent of all registered vehicles nationwide. However, they represent

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Being in a truck accident is a shocking, even terrifying experience. That shock and terror can give way to anxiety and frustration in the days and weeks to come, as the medical bills grow and the time away from work adds up. If someone else caused the accident, they could

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Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles carry many of the goods we use every day, but they also pose a significant safety hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. In a dense, crowded city like New York, semi-trucks can also cause catastrophic traffic jams as they struggle to navigate narrow streets with

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Have you been injured in a traffic accident in New York involving a large commercial truck? Truck accidents commonly leave victims with devastating injuries that require costly medical care, time away from work, and other significant expenses. If this is true of your situation, you could be entitled to substantial