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Truck accidents involving semis and other large vehicles are frighteningly common and can occur for a variety of reasons. These types of incidents are associated with overly aggressive driving by the trucker or with truckers who had too little sleep or rest and are dangerously tired. Truck equipment failure is

Properly maintaining a semi is key to keeping it functional and safe. Non-professional drivers have been trained to get regular fuel changes on their cars and SUVs, but the extent of normal maintenance required for light-duty trucks and sedans is negligible compared to what is necessary for a long haul

The opioid crisis continues to rage across America, affecting millions of families. More and more people are becoming addicts, and with the rise of powerful drugs such as fentanyl, the number of overdose deaths continues to increase. The ready availability of these pharmaceuticals, either by prescription shopping or illegal purchases,

Properly securing cargo and other loads are of exceptional importance in regard to dump trucks, pickup trucks, and tractor-trailers, as evidenced by an April 17th, 2018 accident outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A dump truck was hauling slag dust when it struck a concrete median, causing the dust to spill loose, obstructing

Every year, Highway Patrol officers in southern Arizona focus on dangerous driving by truckers. This year the task force, called Operation Southern Shield, focused on drivers of tractor-trailers texting while driving, speeding, and driving aggressively. In just a few days, dozens of citations were issued, making it clear the wide

Tire blowouts are dangerous in the best of situations, such as when piloting a small car at low speeds. Due to the sheer size and weight of an automobile, there is a risk of injury whenever something unexpected happens, and losing the traction and steering that comes with four functioning

Sharing the road with truckers can be a stressful experience for other drivers even in the best situations. But when drivers of semis and other large vehicles follow posted speed limits and stay in the right lane except when passing, there is little risk to others on the road unless

A motorist stranded next to their disabled vehicle was killed by a gravel truck on February 12th, 2018, in Yuba County, California. The gravel truck took a turn too fast, leading it to tip over and crush the deceased in what is being described as a freak accident. Though the

Any tanker truck or semi on the highway has the potential to cause death and destruction if an accident occurs, simply due to the immensity of the vehicle. These trucks often weigh in excess of ten thousand pounds, significantly heavier than passenger vehicles. When an accident occurs between a car

Tow trucks are associated with accidents by many because they are often used to transport vehicles that have sustained significant damage. People are used to seeing these vehicles at these scenes. But tow trucks are actually often involved in accidents themselves, accounting for a large percentage of truck accidents. The