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Perhaps the death of seven motorcyclists will finally draw national and state attention to an ongoing problem that puts the lives of thousands at risk every day. The incident occurred on June 21st, 2019, in New Hampshire, when a semi piloted by a 23 year old driver veered off course

Stopping at a gas station is not like it used to be. Twenty or thirty years ago, truck stops offered snacks, drinks, and gas, with perhaps a restaurant and a place to shower. Reasonably nice bathrooms were almost a luxury, and places to buy music tapes or other comforts of

The opiate epidemic continues to make news all over the country, as more and more people are waking up the realization that the drug companies likely put profits ahead of safety by pushing drugs known to be highly addicting. The fallout of the epidemic is stressing local and national healthcare,

Seeking to address environmental concerns of their constituents, the New York State Legislature passed a budget including a provision requiring congestion pricing in New York City, where any vehicles entering Lower Manhattan must pay an additional fee. Lower Manhattan is among the heaviest trafficked neighborhoods in the world. The new

As Winter gives way to Spring and the seasons change, plants and flowers begin to blossom, often resulting in beautiful sights across America. California was blessed with a wildflower explosion, and waves of pollen have been sighted all across the country. Upstate New York is blooming as well. But even

Careless driving is always dangerous, but is even more so when done by a truck driver, as the weight of the larger vehicle means accidents involving semis and other large vehicles are more likely to result in significant injury or death. Operators of heavy equipment and vehicles should always pay

It is well established that certain drugs and supplements taken by truck drivers increase the risk of an accident occurring. Whether it be methamphetamine to stay awake or another illegal substance, the side effects (or main effects) or many drugs drastically increase the risk of an accident occurring by providing

Local reports from Massachusetts, Ohio, and other parts of the country indicate that police have begun to crack down on overloaded pickup trucks, issuing citations and forcing drivers to reload their vehicles before continuing on their journey. Though a significant inconvenience for those pulled over, these actions were necessary to

When a truck accident occurs due to unsafe behavior by a trucker, filing a lawsuit against the truck driver for their actions is commonplace. What not all accident victims realize is that, in certain situations, the company the driver works for might also be liable. A recent decision by the

An accident outside Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 22nd, 2018 illustrates the dangers of drug use by drivers of semi trucks. The incident occurred when a semi went the wrong way down a local street, barreling through red lights and only coming to a stop after striking another vehicle. The driver