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Fatal motorcycle accidents are increasing in New York, so much so that the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee issued a statement promoting motorcycle safety tips for riders and other motorists. Motorcycles offer New York riders an unparalleled sense of freedom and adventure. However, these vehicles lack the essential safety features like airbags and

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Motorcycle crashes commonly occur in urban areas. However, that’s not the only location. Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere. They often involve other vehicles, such as passenger cars and trucks. The violent nature of these collisions can produce significant forces on impact and lead to severe injuries and death. Common Places

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There isn’t a definitive answer. Every motorcycle crash is unique, so the at-fault party can vary depending on the circumstances. However, a common problem motorcyclists face is that some drivers just don’t look out for motorcycles the same way they look out for other vehicles. As a result, far too

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Motorcyclists often sustain severe injuries in accidents. The violent and sudden trauma the body experiences are sometimes too much to handle. Head injuries are common, especially when riders get ejected from their bikes and land on the ground with significant force. When their head hits a hard surface, the impact

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You should contact a lawyer immediately after a New York motorcycle accident. When you retain someone’s legal services, they can start building your case while you focus on treatment. If you don’t hire an attorney early on, it’s not too late. You can seek representation from a skilled motorcycle accident

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A helmet is mandatory while riding a motorcycle as an operator or passenger in New York. Since motorcyclists have no vehicle frames protecting them from the direct force of a collision, a helmet serves as a vital protection against the risk of deadly head injuries. Syracuse University argues that helmet laws

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According to the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities typically involve another vehicle. The NYC DOT’s study of motorcycle accidents in the city finds that visibility is often a contributing factor to these collisions. Other common causes of fatal motorcycle accidents