Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in New York

Motorcycle after an accident on the road

Because motorcycle riders have little to protect themselves from the force of a collision, they are more susceptible to injuries or even death in a crash. While many factors play a role in motorcycle accidents, the majority result from the same handful of causes.

What Are the Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

You may wonder, “What is the main cause of motorcycle accidents?” Statistics on the causes of motorcycle accidents gathered by the Federal Highway Administration hold the following answers:

  • Drunk driving – Driving under the influence is dangerous because it impairs both coordination and decision-making abilities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 13 percent of studied motorcycle accidents involved intoxication on the motorcyclist’s part, while 3 percent involved an intoxicated driver in another vehicle.
  • Inexperience – While motorcyclists should complete training courses before hitting the road, no amount of preparation can completely protect them from motorists who don’t make an effort to safely share the road with motorcyclists. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and easier to overlook, increasing the risk of an avoidable accident.
  • Road conditions – Poorly lit roads or intersections, insufficient shoulders, and defects in the pavement, such as potholes or uneven surfaces, lead to many motorcycle crashes.
  • Speeding – Driving too fast increases the chances of accidents due to decreased control and the need for extra braking distance.
  • Tire failure – The tread, age, and condition of a vehicle’s tires are critical to the vehicle’s ability to travel safely. If not assessed regularly, they put the rider at risk of an accident.

New York State Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the New York City Motorcycle Safety Study, only 2% of registered vehicles in New York City are motorcycles, but 14% of traffic fatalities were motorcycle accidents. That is twice the rate for New York State motorcyclists. Forty-three percent of fatal motorcycle accidents in the city involved a rider not licensed to operate the vehicle.

Statewide, an average of 1,558 people are hospitalized each year in New York for motorcyclist injuries, while 4,458 seek treatment in emergency departments, according to the New York State Department of Health. An average of 141 motorcycle accident deaths occurred annually over the course of the study.

Nationwide Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Nationwide motorcycle accident statistics are equally concerning. The National Safety Council reports that almost 6,000 people were killed, and 83,000 suffered injuries in motorcycle accidents in a single recent year. Meanwhile, the NHTSA has found that motorcycle riders are 24 times more likely to die in an accident and four times more likely to be injured than people in passenger vehicles.

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