Year: 2018


Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) occurs when a portion of the bowel dies, and is most common in newborn infants. Risk factors include prematurity, heart disease, and birth asphyxia. Because the risk factors are well-established in the medical literature, doctors and nurses should be on the lookout for any of the symptoms

Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has been the focus of a number of recent exposes chronicling deplorable levels of abuse and neglect in the New York City facility. Investigations have revealed bed-bound patients left in their own filth for hours along with a litany of other health and safety violations,

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a devastating diagnosis, particularly as families of low birthweight and premature infants are already reeling from the unforeseen complications of an early or otherwise difficult birth. These families are often struggling to make sudden changes in their lives, as premature infants often require greater care than

Though birthing classes are not mandatory, many parents choose to attend them, hoping to be as prepared as possible for the event. Learning breathing exercises and other skills that might help minimize pain (as much as it can be minimized) can provide expectant mothers and fathers with a greater sense

It should not be up to the patient to monitor their own IV for infiltration, but oftentimes this is precisely what happens. It is only after the patient notices something wrong and hits their call light that a nurse makes a proper evaluation of the IV and discovers that infiltration

A lawsuit filed in New York State is drawing attention to the liability that might be incurred by a gym or other organization providing exercise equipment and classes. The filing by a Mount Vernon woman alleges that she was injured when other members of her workout group rolled a heavy

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is always dangerous. Alcohol is a central nervous suppressant, and it dulls reflexes and awareness, drastically increasing the risk of an accident occurring. Many drunk drivers overcorrect out of fear of accidents, driving too slowly and never changing lanes. Though this

Tractor trailer accidents are not among the most common highway incidents, but they are among the most dangerous. In general, accidents involving semis and other large trucks are much more likely to result in significant injuries or fatalities. Tractor trailer accidents are extremely dangerous, but mostly preventable. Many if not

Automation is the goal of many companies, and using robots to perform tasks previously performed by human labor is likely to transform many industries over the next twenty years. Driverless cars may be the way of the future, both for transportation and for transport of cargo across long distances, and