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The True Tale: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the world renown poet who died in 1861, wrote a sonnet to her future husband, the treasured 19th century poet Robert Browning. The first two immortal lines are, “How do I love thee. Let me count the ways.” I now transition to the current subject and

Did you know that New York City requires window guards on every building that has three or more apartments and residents who are ten years of age or younger? Every single window on the building must have a window guard, except for windows leading to fire escapes. Building owners must

Hospitals around the country continue to grapple with an ongoing problem with patient falls. Each year, hundreds of thousands of inpatients suffer unnecessarily due to falls, and despite changes in practices and policies and procedures, nurses continue to arrive too late to prevent these injuries. Determining which patients are most

No one enjoys staying in the hospital. And no one especially wants to stay any longer than necessary. A hospital stay can be prolonged, however, if you suffer an injury due to a fall during your time there. If you think that this is only a concern for the elderly