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Four people were killed in a Poughkeepsie house fire on Monday, December 3rd, 2018. Investigators believe the source of the blaze was a candle in a downstairs bathroom. The house had been abandoned years earlier and had no working electricity, necessitating the use of fire as a heat source for

A major fire in the Bronx on December 28th, 2017 was started by a toddler playing with a stove, according to investigators. The deadly blaze, one of the deadliest in New York history, killed 12 people and left four more critically injured. As the fire spread from apartment to apartment,

While May the 4th is most commonly known as Star Wars Day, it is more importantly known as International Firefighters’ Day. Firefighters respond to more than just building or house fires and deserve to be recognized for their bravery and service. Whether it is a report of smoke, toxic fumes,

Fire alarms are incredibly important for fire prevention and control. A quality fire alarm can mean the difference between a quickly contained blaze and losing everything. Many cities now require fire alarms to be wired directly into the electrical system to ensure that the system is always on and always

The Full Throttle Saloon in South Dakota was well known to bikers all over the country, as the bar was frequently filled to its massive capacity whenever the local motorcycle rallies took place. But a recent fire all but destroyed the building, and the owner’s lack of insurance makes it