Be Very Alarmed About Building Fires


Fire alarms are incredibly important for fire prevention and control. A quality fire alarm can mean the difference between a quickly contained blaze and losing everything. Many cities now require fire alarms to be wired directly into the electrical system to ensure that the system is always on and always working. Almost everyone agrees that fire alarms are a necessity of modern life.

Most of us don’t think too much about our fire alarms. We buy them and occasionally test them, but we just assume that they will work when the time comes. A recent recall by SureSign Industries shows this may not be the case.

The fire alarms in question suffer from a potentially faulty fuse, meaning they might not properly detect a fire. The size of the recall is particularly frightening. In all:

  • 375,000 units are being recalled
  • The earliest defective units were manufactured over ten years ago
  • The products were sold in fire alarm stores as long ago as June of 2014

Investigators are still seeking to determine just how common the problem is, and how many building owners might have suffered unnecessary damage to property, injury, or loss of life. When a recall happens on this scale, it can take months to fully investigate the extent of the damage. In a situation such as this, where fire investigators have already issued their reports, it can be all but impossible to go back and determine what role the faulty fire alarm might have played.

If you have suffered through a house or business fire, there is a high likelihood that you lost many things that are irreplaceable. Knowing that a faulty fire alarm or other negligent act might have contributed to you losing more than was necessary can be devastating. Please contact an experienced attorney who will help you determine just how much negligence played a role in your fire.

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