Blind Spots on Large Trucks


Blind spots are an annoyance for most drivers, though careful adjustment of rear-view mirrors can all but eliminate them. Still, despite those adjustments, most drivers have experienced the heart-pounding moment when a vehicle seems to emerge from nowhere and almost causes an accident.

For large trucks, such as tractor-trailers and semis, these blind spots are a much bigger potential issue. No matter how a driver adjusts his mirrors, there will always be areas they simply cannot see. Many drivers try to work around this problem by printing messages on trucks and trailers such as “Stay back 30 feet.” But these reminders are insufficient in many cases.

All drivers should be aware of the blind spots of large trucks. For many, these blind spots are counter-intuitive, as the closer you are to the driver, the harder it can be for the driver to see you. The blind spots are usually just behind the cab of the truck. There is also a substantial blind spot behind the truck and in front of the truck, with the driver unable to see vehicles up to thirty feet behind the trailer and up to 20 feet in front of the cab.

Clear numbers of blind-spot related accidents are unavailable, but these dangerous areas are implicated in thousands of accidents per year. Staying out of these zones is essential for other drivers. But no matter how careful a person drives, there will always be times where blind spots come into play, particularly when passing.

Safety advocates have pushed for cars to be equipped with cameras and other technology that will indicate to truck drivers when a car is in a danger zone, but companies and truckers have balked at the expense.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, a thorough investigation is important. Determining whether or not blind spots were properly checked can ensure that the cause of the incident is determined. Please, consult with a qualified lawyer about your case.

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