New York Public Transportation Fails in Snow


Public transportation is the heart of New York City. Each day, millions of New Yorker’s rely on the subway and bus system to get to where they are going, whether that be school or work of just for social calls. One of the city’s most important responsibilities to its people is to keep all of these pieces moving as much as possible.

Though it is understandable that weather-related emergencies might bring public transportation to a halt, it is reasonable to expect that only significant storms should do so. When six inches of snow is sufficient to bring everything to a halt, the system has problems. That is exactly what occurred on November 16th, 2018, when the first significant snowfall of the year caused widespread issues including:

  • Cancellation of over 1,000 buses, leaving tens of thousands stranded
  • The closure of the George Washington Bridge
  • Students left stranded at schools overnight when their buses were unable to get them home

The other side effect of the breakdown of public transportation was more cars on the road, as New Yorkers relied on taxis and friends to get them where they needed to be. Extra traffic in the middle of even a mild snowstorm is a recipe for disaster. To live up to its reputation as the Greatest City in the World, New York must address the issues with its public transportation system.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a weather related accident, determining whether or not the other driver was following proper safety procedures is important. When a bad storm occurs, drivers must take safety seriously, and changing lanes aggressively or speeding puts other people at risk, particularly on icy roads. Please, consult an experienced attorney regarding your case.

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