Category: Snow & Ice Accidents


Rigorous training started months and years ago for many of the athletes we’ll see in the Winter Olympics games in Sochi this February. From Lindsay Vonn’s recurring knee injuries, to the tragic accident involving professional speed skier, Michael Schumacher, we know that no matter how skilled an athlete may be,

While winter weather may mean the start of the holiday season, along with the joy of gift giving and family gatherings comes travel on roadways. We do what we can to be with our families even if it means travelling in storms, snow and ice. Sometimes a snowstorm comes with

The outdoor pond beckons you again this year, inviting you to take the day off and enjoy the winter surroundings. Year after year, you look forward to seasonal activities like skating, ice-fishing and walking along the perimeter of the pond. You’ve lived in the same place for years, after all,

The East Coast and the Midwest are no strangers to weathering the brutal winter storms that invade their regions every year. Icy conditions are treacherous for drivers, pedestrians and those who step out the front door to retrieve the morning paper. From an everyday standpoint, icy conditions in neighborhoods occur

Nature’s fury can be most frightening. It can lash out with a category 3 hurricane leaving thousands in a struggle for survival. It can create a massive tsunami thus creating a towering wave that can uproot houses, bridges, and tractor-trailers, sweeping them away like they were children’s toys. It can

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