The Roads are Slick: Knowing What To Do Can Prevent Accidents


We hear of accidents and injuries again and again when it comes to any type of severe weather conditions. We remind ourselves how to travel in snow and ice—conditions that are tangible. However, we do not often think of how slick the roads can become during these storms. After all, we cannot avoid the road, and we are busy paying attention to avoid other distractions. How does driving on slick roads differ from other types of road conditions, and what can you to do keep yourself safe?

Slick roads can cause slide-offs, spinouts and chaos in more ways than one. Even when road crews cover the roads with a product meant to slow down traffic or absorb some of the slickness, the accumulated layers of ice could already be too far along for the product to do its magic. What happens then? If you find yourself on slick roads, here are a few tips:

  • The best course of prevention is simply to stay home if you do not have to go out. Unless it is necessary, a trip to the grocery store to get milk might best be saved for the next day.
  • Slow down your driving, even when there is no other traffic around you. Driving slower on the road will make for an easier way to move off the road if you sense impending danger.
  • Be particularly careful when driving over bridges or overpasses. Ice accumulates in those sections of the roadway much quicker.
  • Pay attention to what is coming your way by driving defensively and keeping your eyes on the road at all times.
  • Wear your seatbelt in case you do find yourself in a spin or slide.

If you have taken some of the above precautions and you still find yourself in a situation where you are sliding off the road, here are a few ways to minimize accident and injury:

  • Turn your steering wheel in the direction that the rear wheels are sliding.
  • Keep your eyes ahead of you instead of on the steering wheel. Visually, that will balance you though the process on the direction you need to be turning.
  • Go easy on the brakes; icy conditions pose challenging problems with brakes.

We know that some situations warrant us driving no matter what. Being safe and reasonable during even the worst of circumstances will ensure a safe journey for all.

If you or someone you know has been injured from an accident during an ice or rainstorm, seeking the assistance of a law firm who has a record history for personal injury cases is the first place to start.

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