Stranded: What to Do When It Happens to You


While winter weather may mean the start of the holiday season, along with the joy of gift giving and family gatherings comes travel on roadways. We do what we can to be with our families even if it means travelling in storms, snow and ice. Sometimes a snowstorm comes with warnings and we are prepared by adding chains to our tires, or stocking up on emergency supplies that we leave in our car. Other times, the wind and and ran is so harsh that it forces us to stop roadway travel while on the road no matter where we are.

Reports nationwide show holiday travelers stranded overnight in areas along highways and roadways when snowfall up to 10 inches or more accumulates. This type of snowfall prohibits drivers from seeing, and prohibits any roadways from becoming suitable for travel. If you do find yourself stranded in winter weather conditions there are a few things you can do to keep safe during this time.

We may not be able to predict how hard a winter storm will impede us from travel, but if we are lucky enough to have advance warning, you’ll want to stock your car with essential like water, lighter or matches, blankets and some food. Before your cell phone loses its charge, call local authorities or a roadside assistance service to let them know your whereabouts. Whether you are one of several in an isolated incident, having that on record will aid in any rescue efforts should there be a delay in road clearing. You don’t know if you’ll be stuck for a day or for two days before snowfall can be cleared. If you have a back up source for your cell phone, now would be the time to have that handy. Running the car may be temping to keep warm, but it also depletes the battery for when you will need it most, once your pathway becomes drivable. Keep your lights off to conserve the battery, and avoid playing the radio or anything else that will use up the energy of the car. If you have a cell phone with live streaming of a local radio station, or the ability to gain internet access, you might want to check weather conditions occasionally.

Stranded vehicles also mean a probable chance of cars hitting each other on icy roadways, or causing other injuries to those around them. If you have been injured in a traffic accident resulting from being stranded, or know of someone who was stranded due to a municipality’s failure to warn citizens of road and weather conditions, you could have a lawsuit for a personal injury case. Determining the factors are difficult, and a New York attorney can assist you with your concerns.

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