Jet Ski Accidents—Popular in Summer and Three-Day Weekends


As the final long weekend came to an end over Labor Day this year, many took to last-minute travel and weekend escapes before the upcoming fall and winter season. Weather conditions nationwide were still favorable as picnic areas, camping areas and marinas were filled to capacity for those enjoying outdoor recreation. Water sports continue to be popular and jet skis area among one of the most popular recreation “toys” for adults. Yet, despite their seemingly safe construction for safety, jet skis are misused all the time.

Typically, 60% of all jet ski accidents occur are caused by operator error and mishandling of the water craft. Many operators have never been on a jet ski before, much less served as the primary operator of one. Lessons are quick, and sometimes non-existent. Collisions with other boats and drownings are just a few results of a jet ski accident. What are some of the ways to stay safe on the water?

  • Always enlist in a training session with the operator of the water craft business. There you will receive some basic pointers on the level of speed you should maintain, how to stop and start safely, and what to watch for when on the waves.
  • Be sure to wear a life jacket regardless of how shallow the water may be, or how experienced a swimmer you consider yourself.
  • Never allow little ones to operate a jet ski or other water craft vehicle.
  • Never try to show off or perform stunts when on a jet ski unless you are professional trained to do so.
  • Stay away from the shore line. Because of the smaller size of jet skis, it’s not uncommon for larger waves to cause the craft to tip over or become disoriented.
  • As with any moving vehicle, never operate a jet ski while intoxicated or ride on the back of a jet ski with anyone who appears to have been drinking or taking drugs.Jet skis are popular and when used safely provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Staying safe while operating a jet ski will mean many more summer adventures to come. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury related to a jet ski or other water craft accident, your first step is to enlist the assistance of a New York law firm who is experienced with personal injury cases.

Stay safe in and around water, and take the proper measures to ensure fun recreational times for years to come.

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