Jet Ski Accidents: The Changing Seasons


It happens every spring. The air turns warmer and we want to be outside. And there are few places better to enjoy the warmer weather than the ocean or a lake. And what’s a more fun way to enjoy water than to hop on a jet ski?

Following proper safety protocol on a jet ski isn’t that hard, and most of us do it. We make sure that the vehicle is properly maintained, and we stay in the properly designated areas so we don’t come into contact with swimmers or divers. But even when we do everything right, things can go wrong.

The most common causes of jet ski accidents just can’t be planned for, and include:

  • Vehicle malfunction, even if all proper maintenance has been performed
  • Weather changes leading to unforeseeable changes in water conditions
  • Unsafe behaviors by people on other jet skis

Of these common causes, the most common and dangerous is the third. No matter what we do when we are on the water, we are always at the mercy of the behavior of others. Too many people think it is fun to buzz by on the water, or to perform other dangerous stunts, and all too often the innocent bystanders are the ones who are hurt.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a jet ski accident, either because of design defect or because of the behavior of others, please contact an attorney. It is only through the legal system that we can put pressure on others to put safety first and begin to curb dangerous behaviors on the water.

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