Nature’s Human Machine and Cancer Cells Out to Destroy It


The True Tale:

Nature has provided a remarkable human machine. It has formed billions of cells in the body, with each working harmoniously with its neighbors toward a common mission: to think, reason, speak, see, hear, feel, smell, walk, to support an immune system designed to fight off any domestic or foreign forces whose sold purpose is to do the body harm. I could go on and on and cover every function of the human form, but all we need do is to take stock of the physical and mental being to see what nature and the billions of cells have formulated – a magical human structure. This tapestry that nature has put together is extraordinary. It is a human machine with millions of moving parts that without inner or outside offense could live on for a protracted period of time absent reasonable wear and tear. Then suddenly calamity strikes. This perfect model is violently upended when a strange and unfriendly visitor called a “cancer cell” trespasses and insidiously interrupts the tasks of the cells that make up a vital part of the body instrument. These uninvited cells are far different than those cells performing their work at their usual place of employment.

These strangers have a different look and have no interest in joining the established and friendly workforce. They are mutants and deadly with a sole mission to attack the cells that makeup the gastrointestinal tract, or the liver, kidneys, pancreas, prostate, lungs, breasts, neck, or even the brain, and more. These mutant cancer cells disrupt, destroy, and kill. They must be stopped, driven back and ultimately annihilated by medical science.

A victim who falls prey to the vicious attack looks to the doctor to use skill and the accepted standardized degree of medicine and science. And should the doctor depart from the standard of care called for, and if the departure causes injury to the harmed patient, he or she should be held accountable.

Nature’s human template never intended that its remarkable human machine would be compromised by such failure, which in legal terms is called “Medical Malpractice.” Nor did nature ever anticipate the pain, suffering and sadness that follows.

The Message:


Leonard L. Finz, age 95, is a decorated WWII veteran (1st Lt., Field Artillery, Philippines), a former New York State Supreme Court Justice, Peer-Reviewed as “One of America’s Preeminent Lawyers”, and the Founder of Finz & Finz, P.C.

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Leonard L. Finz founded the firm in 1984. He is a former New York State Supreme Court Justice and a top-ranked trial lawyer with the highest ratings for legal ability and ethics, having earned a reputation as a master trial advocate in the courtroom. He has achieved the highest legal rating of “Preeminence” in addition to being peer-reviewed as “One of America’s Preeminent Lawyers.”