Category: Premises Liability


In a rare case of on-the-job hazardous conditions and work clothing requirements, a machinist in an industrial plant blamed his ailments on a severe blister caused by wearing steel-toed boots required for his job. Because he was required to wear the boots he filed worker’s compensation for this injury. The

Children are injured on public and at-home playgrounds yearly, from minor scratches and strangulations, to concussions and amputations, to brain damage and fatal falls. In the past, improper ground surfaces were often to blame for playground injuries prior to the establishment of the development by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

The place where we most often seek refuge, our “safe” haven, is actually the place where we have the most risk for injury. You guessed it: Our home. Familiarity breeds carelessness in the form of falls on stairs and in dimly-lit hallways, burns from unsafe kitchen conditions, slips in bathtubs

Plaintiff allegedly slipped & fell on a mat situated outside the door of his apartment building while exiting sustaining injuries. Defendant moved for summary judgment dismissing the complaint on the ground that it neither created the hazard or had actual or constructive notice of the alleged hazardous condition. The Supreme