Distractions Everywhere on New Year's Eve and Beyond


New York City has been dubbed the City That Never Sleeps, and this is never truer than on New Year’s Eve. Famous for the Ball Drop at Times Square, the city is much more than just the one big event. There are parties everywhere, and the bars are jam packed full of revelers. People are rushing to and from various festivities, and the city is humming with the vibrancy of its inhabitants.

Because of all the excitement on an evening like New Year’s Eve or when a major event occurs in the City, traffic can be a nightmare. Added to the mix, drunk driving is more common on New Year’s Eve than other nights, as people have a few too many without having handed over the keys to friends or other caretakers. It is a potentially toxic stew, and attentive driving is important to safety.

Distractions are everywhere, including:

  • Explosions from firecrackers and other small explosive devices being detonated to celebrate the event
  • Intoxicated and unruly individuals in your vehicle, if you are the designated driver
  • Notifications on cellphones, with friends texting and calling
  • Intoxicated revelers on sidewalks behaving in distracting fashion

New Year’s Eve accidents are much too common, and though drunk drivers play a large role in this elevated figure, distraction is also a potentially key component in many of these wrecks. Even people who normally ignore their electronic devices while behind the wheel can be caught up in the hysteria.

If you or someone you love was involved in a pedestrian or auto accident on New Year’s Eve or other occasion, determining whether distraction played a role is an important step in understanding who was at fault. Please consult with an experienced attorney about how best to obtain this valuable and necessary information and to provide guidance on how to make your case.

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