Even a Slight Distraction Can Cause a Major Accident


Parents of members of an Indiana boys high school basketball team are shocked but grateful after the school bus bringing the team to a game rolled over on the highway after being sideswiped by another vehicle. Even more maddening for parents was the reason the driver lost control of her car: she was distracted while grabbing for a drink that had spilled on her.

The 23 year old woman was driving in the left lane on I-65 in Indiana when the lid came off of her drink, causing it to spill on her. When she tried to reach for it, her car sideswiped the bus in the right lane. The bus was pushed off the road and rolled over, smashing in part of the roof. Miraculously, all 21 students and six adults on the bus made it out with no life-threatening injuries. Meanwhile, other motorists on I-65 felt the fallout from the accident, as only one lane on the interstate was open for over three hours during the investigation with delays going back for 10 miles.

Some people only think of distracted driving as talking on the phone or texting while behind the wheel. But, as the series of events in Indiana showed us, a small distraction can have large consequences. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration agrees. Studies by the administration have found that your chances of getting into an accident increase by 80% if you are eating or drinking while driving. Distracted drivers attending to their food or a beverage also account for 65% of non-accidents which could be considered a close call.

The students and faculty on the bus in Indiana were fortunate to not only make it out of the horrific crash alive, but to only suffer minor injuries. In fact, the team has rescheduled the playoff game they were headed to with a good number of players expected to be medically cleared to take the court. The crash should serve as a warning to everyone that any distraction that takes your eyes off the road can be costly. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to the carelessness of a distracted driver, contact the attorneys at Finz & Finz, P.C., to help get compensation for your losses.

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