Vaping Tied to Lung Disease, Could Pose Cancer Risk


For years and years, tobacco companies hid the cancer risk associated with their products, using hefty donations to politicians and the funding of pseudoscience in an attempt to keep people from discovering how dangerous cigarette smoke was. It is now established that the use of cigarettes is likely to lead to the lung cancer.

When vaping first came on the scene, one of the major promises made by companies was that it was a cleaner, less dangerous alternative to cigarettes. Because the vapor being breathed in was propylene glycol, the same substance used in fog machines, it was free of the chemicals in cigarette and cigarette filters and was unlikely to cause injury. Or so it was promised.

The CDC has now linked over 150 cases of serious lung disease to vaping. Though vaping has not been commonplace long enough to know whether or not it will cause lung cancer long-term, the fact that it is causing acute lung disease is a sign that damage will be done over time as well.

There are a variety of reasons vaping could cause lung disease, including:

  • The suspension elements, including propylene glycol, are more dangerous over time than previously realized
  • Nicotine is inherently damaging to lung tissue
  • The “juice” is contaminated during packaging

Determining precisely why vaping is so dangerous is important. If contamination is the problem, greater regulation of the companies producing the substance may work. If propylene glycol is the issue, additional options might be available. If nicotine is problematic, little can be done.

If you or someone you love has suffered lung disease or lung cancer, and you believe a product such as cigarettes or vaping may have been a factor, please consider consulting with an experienced attorney. The history of cigarettes shows that companies will continue to prioritize profit over safety until they are held accountable.

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