Lung Cancer: A Breath of Fresh Air


We all know about breathalyzers. They exist to make sure that drunk drivers don’t drive drunk, either as an interlock device for repeat offenders, or as a method for police to measure Blood Alcohol Level and make sure dangerous drivers stay off the streets. Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of dollars in damages every year.

There is no way to know how many lives have been saved by these devices, as we can’t know how many fatal accidents might have occurred if the breathalyzer didn’t stop the car from turning on or allow the cop to arrest the dangerous driver. But now there is a new type of breathalyzer that might save just as many lives.

Researchers from Chongqing University in China have created a device that detects levels of certain chemicals in the breath, chemicals that indicate the presence of lung cancer. This breathalyzer should be a wonderful replacement for current screenings, as there are major drawbacks to the current method. These drawbacks include:

  • Being exposed to low doses of radiation, which can cause cancer over time
  • Difficulties in scheduling, as the procedures can be time-consuming and there are waiting lists in some areas
  • Significant cost, especially for those with limited insurance coverage

Medical breakthroughs are always exciting, but they are even more exciting when they can replace a more dangerous and expensive option. Individuals with lung cancer don’t often benefit from these breakthroughs, as there is sometimes a blame the victim mentality in regards to this one type of cancer.

If you or someone you love suffers lung cancer due to the actions of another party, please contact an attorney. Though this breakthrough stands to render diagnosis cheaper, treatment can still be prohibitively expensive, and those individuals who caused your disease through their negligence should be held accountable and forced to pay for your treatments.

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