Lung Cancer and Pollutants


As medical marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, getting high has become the method of treatment for some people with certain diseases. Though the benefits of medical marijuana are still up for debate, many people believe in the powers of this plant.

A recent article in the New York Times shows that a different type of getting high might be important in protecting against lung cancer. The author, George Johnson, points to a correlation between the elevation where you live and a lower risk of developing lung cancer. Though scientists have recognized this correlation since at least 1982, further study has yet to yield a conclusive reason for this protective effect. Potential theories include:

  • Increased exposure to Vitamin D, which might be protective against lung cancer
  • Fewer pollutants and carcinogens in the thinner air
  • Less exposure to oxygen, which leaves waste in the lung when expelled

Of these, the second is particularly compelling due to what we know about the development of lung cancer and exposure to pollutants. It is well established that many lung cancer cases are caused by cigarette smoke or exposure to substances such as asbestos in workplace or older buildings. It stands to reason that those who are subjected to fewer pollutants would be less likely to develop lung cancer.

The legal system has been attempting to deter companies from putting people at risk for decades, yet many companies still rely on exposing people to carcinogens to boost their bottom line. This behavior, though quite common, is completely unacceptable.

If you or someone you love has developed lung cancer, determining the cause of the cancer is key. Many if not most lung cancers are caused by exposure to a dangerous chemical, often at work, and these types of exposures will continue to take place until someone stands up and forces companies to be more responsible. Please contact an experienced attorney to help you hold these companies responsible for their actions.

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