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All-Terrain Vehicles are a popular pastime for many Americans. Taking a few ATVs out on the weekend, whether as part of an overnight camping trip or just for a few hours of fun, can help people work out some of the stress from a long work week. But because ATVs are motor vehicles, it is important to treat them with the same safety and respect you would any other motor vehicle.

ATV safety is extremely important. Though a license isn’t required to ride an ATV in most states, understanding proper safety protocols is extremely important, especially for young people. Some states do not allow people under certain ages to ride an ATV, but for the most part, ATV safety is left up to the operators in most areas.

Though formal ATV safety training is an excellent idea, and there are schools in many areas to provide that service, basic ATV safety is fairly simple. Good guidelines include:

  • Only operate an ATV in designated areas
  • Always wear head and eye protection when operating an ATV
  • Have a mechanic perform regular maintenance on the vehicle
  • Follow state, county, and city laws, as applicable

Following proper safety protocols with your ATV will drastically decrease the likelihood of serious injury or death. But even when you do everything you are supposed to, there are mitigating factors which could result in a serious accident. These factors include inclement weather changing the safety profile of a riding area, improperly designed helmets or other equipment, or defects in manufacture of the ATV causing the vehicle to become unsafe.

f you or someone you love has been injured in an ATV accident, it is important to discover just what wrong. If the vehicle or equipment suffered from faulty manufacture, the sooner others are made aware of the defects, the better. Please contact an experienced attorney who can help you determine the facts of the case.

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