School Bus Accidents: Rough Ride


Police in Baltimore have been charged with felonies for transporting a suspect in the back of a van without properly securing him after the man fell, broke his back, and died. Yet school buses around the country continue to transport children without seatbelts or other safety precautions, despite the fact that many of the children on the bus are much too small to protect themselves in the event of a crash.

A story out of Aiken County, South Carolina makes clear just how dangerous school buses can be for very young children. The bus was transporting a large group of children on May 27th, 2015 when it was struck by a tractor trailer. One of the children, only four years old, was thrown from his seat. He died from his injuries.

School bus safety is extremely important, especially for the smallest, most vulnerable children. Important tips include:

  • Teaching your child to remain properly seated at all times, without standing or walking while the bus is in motion
  • Teaching your child the proper way to enter and exit a school bus, both on a daily basis and in the event of an emergency
  • Making sure your school’s bus follows all the available national and state guidelines for safety, especially regarding securing children in their seats

School bus safety is often overlooked when parents are pushing to make schools safer for their children. Yet more children are seriously injured in school bus accidents than in other school related activities. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, please contact an experienced attorney who can help you push to improve safety in your school district and across the country.

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