Injured as Passenger in an Automobile Accident


There are advantages to being a motor vehicle passenger instead of the driver. You do not have to pay as much attention to the road. You can focus on other things, like returning text messages or changing the music on the radio. But for all these advantages, there is one major disadvantage. You have no control over whether or not an accident occurs.

Being a passenger in an accident is terrifying. In addition to physical injuries, emotional suffering and distress are common. Feelings of helplessness can persist for years after an accident, causing difficulties with work and relationships. The emotional fallout can be just as devastating as physical repercussions.

Determining your legal options can be difficult, as well. Though there are rare exceptions, a passenger is not at fault for an accident occurring. In this situation, fault will still have to be determined by the police, insurances or the courts. But regardless of whether or not the driver of the vehicle you were in or the other driver was responsible for the accident, you usually have some recourse if you are injured in the accident.

Getting a seat at the table with insurance companies can be difficult. All too often, insurance companies will attempt to work only with the person who has coverage, neglecting others who might have been injured. The goal is limiting liability, and the harder they make you work to get your injuries considered, the more likely they are to succeed in that goal.

There are a variety of things to take into consideration when pressing an injury claim as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. Only an experienced attorney can help you sort through those details and determine how you should proceed. Please, retain a well-qualified lawyer to help with your case.

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