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Most Bicycle Accidents Resulting in Serious Injuries Involve Another Vehicle

There are many different causes of bicycle accidents. It has been determined that most bicycle accidents that result in a serious injury happen when a motor vehicle driver is not paying attention to the area surrounding their vehicle. If the operator of a car, van, truck, bus or other motor vehicle comes into contact with a bicycle causing serious personal injury the driver may be held responsible.

A bicycle accident that does not involve a car, truck or other object provides a small amount of energy whereas a accident involving another object can provide a significant amount of energy.

Personal injuries are related to the energy produced by the accident. Falling off and hitting obstructions tends to be relatively minor, usually not involving a hospitalization.

There have been Advancements in Bicycle Safety

There are many programs such as the Effective Cycling program together with changing National Standards that are designed for the protection of the those who enjoy bicycle riding.

Legal Help for Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Victims

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