HQ2 is Coming, and Congestion With It


The November 13 th , 2018 news that New York City and Arlington, Virginia would each host half of HQ2, the new Amazon second headquarters promising 50,000 jobs split between the two communities, led to a mixed reaction. Some New Yorkers greeted the news with excitement, particularly those intending to apply for some of those jobs. Others were less excited, including those in the neighborhood where the new headquarters will be located, who foresee terrible increases in traffic and congestion.

HQ2 will have a drastic effect on the New York neighborhood housing it, not only by clogging streets but also likely driving the cost of housing out of the reach of the average New Yorker, as HQ1 has done in much of Seattle. But one of the biggest influences the new headquarters will likely have is the sheer number of additional people in such a limited space.

The most immediate danger to the local population is the traffic congestion. As public transportation attempts to scale to accommodate another 25,000 people in the area on any given day, workers will be forced to rely on other methods of getting to and from work, leading to more cars on the road. Pedestrians crossing the street will be at risk from these additional vehicles, particularly if people are rushing to and from work, desperate to keep their high-paying job.

Traffic accidents, both those involving only vehicles and accidents involving pedestrians, are already too common in New York City. Wherever more people and cars are concentrated, the risk goes up. Though urban planners will certainly attempt to address these issues, making major changes to the traffic grid of New York City is daunting.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, determining the cause of the accident is important. Whether caused by distracted driving, driving under the influence, or poor urban planning, recognizing the cause is one key to preventing similar accidents from happening in the future. Please, consult with an experienced attorney regarding your case.

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