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Rules and regulations established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding playgrounds and playground equipment have done much to prevent accidents on playgrounds across the country. However, no matter the guidelines we still see children injured in parks, school yards, and at home on a regular basis. Accidents occur all the time from falling off a swing, to catching skin on a piece of jutting metal, to falling on asphalt at home. It’s no surprise that children and playground injuries quite often go hand in hand. Is there a way to prevent these injuries from occurring?

Since the establishment of the playground guidelines, the incidence of playground injuries has been better; however, home equipment and playgrounds in unregulated areas still fall between the cracks when it comes to safety for your child. Parents are warned and advised on where to place playground equipment to ensure the best safety for these children. For instance, setting up a trampoline in a grassy area is advised, as opposed to setting up on asphalt. But, trampolines and swing sets nationwide will be installed on asphalt, making the home playgrounds scene of future injury. Professional playground installers are aware of the rules, but as a parent, what can you do to ensure the safety of your child and your child’s friends?

Before setting up any piece of play equipment in your yard, be sure to check in with the following:

  • Read every bit of the instructions, not just the installation portion. Pay attention to the warnings and other advisements that come with the packaging. This is the manufacturer’s way of warning you (and covering themselves) for what lies ahead.
  • Use common sense. You may think that your children would never fall off a piece of equipment, but imagine if he or she does fall. Are they going to fall on grass or on asphalt? Your answer depends on where you put the play equipment. Which location has a more likely probability for injury?
  • Be sure your child is age-appropriate for the equipment. Two-year-old are not the age for trampolines or swings without a safety feature.
  • Always supervise your child at any playground or at your home. You may be able to see your child from the kitchen window, but anything in the kitchen could prevent you from getting to your child on time if there is a sudden accident. Always keep them in your sight.
  • Make sure that your child has adult supervision when at the home of another child if a playground trip is part of the plan.

Despite the many precautions we take as parents to ensure our child’s safety on the playground, injuries and accidents will occur. If your child has been injured or died as a result of a playground accident, or you know someone whose child has been injured or died, the aftermath is devastating. Seeking the advice of a Manhattan law firm who can assist with your case is the best course of action toward any resolution.

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