New York Park Safety a Concern


Parents in New York City have spent the summer months complaining of rodent infestations in the city parks. The issue, in part caused by the city using mechanical traps instead of poison for six months per year, has left many in fear for their children’s safety. Rats can spread a variety of diseases and are a risk to bite children who get near them. Rats have been spotted all over the parks, near playground equipment and even in sandboxes where toddlers regularly play.

Park safety is the city’s responsibility, and so far, they are not living up to reasonable expectations. Though some safety measures have been taken, including increasing trash pickups and using a different type of dumpster in hopes of limiting the animals’ food sources, these provisions have done little to remediate the problem. Rodents continue to run rampant, putting the safety of children at risk.

Rodents are not the only complaint parents have about city parks. The rat problem is indicative of other potential health hazards at New York playgrounds. Broken glass can cut feet and hands, leading to infection exposure, particularly on busy slides and swings. Improperly maintained playground equipment can expose jagged metal, risking tearing wounds. Insufficiently shaded playground equipment can become hot enough to cause burns.

Park safety must be taken seriously. Sadly, parents have received little more than excuses so far. Putting pressure on the city to take health and safety seriously is important. If your child is injured at the city park, determining whether or not the city exercised due care in maintaining the park is important. The health of too many children is put at risk on a daily basis. Please, retain an experienced attorney to hold the city accountable for their unwillingness to prioritize park safety.

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