Swing Sets Pose a Risk to Students


Most playground equipment poses some risk to childhood safety. A child can fall over the side of the slide, or be thrown by the merry-go-round, or fall off the monkey bars. But swing sets pose a particularly elevated risk of injury, due to a variety of factors, most of which can be mitigated with proper supervision.

There are three primary risks when dealing with swing sets. One is the risk of falling off the swing. These types of accidents are rare but do happen. Preventing these types of accidents has less to do with supervision and more to do with proper upkeep of the swing set. Ensuring the seats are not slippery due to rain or other foreign substances is a good first step. Adults in the area can monitor children to ensure those on the swings are staying in proper swinging position, with a firm grip on the chains and with their bottoms properly situated.

The second risk is collisions or falls during horseplay, or injuries due to children jumping out of the swing. With proper adult supervision, these are almost always preventable. Children should never try to switch swings in mid-air and should always come to a full stop before exiting the seat. Children should not swing at angles that put them at risks of colliding with other kids.

The last risk is frequently the most dangerous. Children can be caught in the chain of the swing, including having the chain wrap around their neck. Asphyxiation is more likely to result in death than other types of swing accidents. These types of incidents are almost always preventable with proper supervision.

If your child has suffered a playground accident, and you believe negligent supervision may have been a factor, please consider consulting with a lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you ask the right questions to determine whether or not proper policies and procedures were in effect to address the risk of accidents.

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