Category: Playground Accidents


With school having started and the fall season coming ahead, we might think that children’s injuries will settle down now that summer time is over. But children’s injuries occur all year round due to their active lives in the forms of: bicycle accidents, trampoline accidents, sledding accidents, and pool accidents,

What happens when a normal family outing to the park or city playground becomes a trip to the emergency room for the child? Children are injured all the time from accidents that occur on the playground and in city parks. Collisions between children, strangulation on play equipment like monkey bars,

“Mom! Jessie has a trampoline, everyone’s going over to his house! He’s the most popular kid in our class! Can I go? Can I get one, too? I want everyone to come to my house! Please??” Does this sound familiar? If you’re a parent of a teenager or younger child,