Faulty Factors With CT Scan Radiation


The smaller newspapers have started to notice. Though the Wall Street Journal and New York Times aren’t trumpeting it from their front pages, it is becoming harder and harder to ignore the damage done by CT scan radiation.

The Ames Tribute recently ran a story about a woman who was continually referred for CT scans, even though the scans had a limited ability to help diagnose according to her symptoms. She finally balked and refused a scan, yet her medical issue was still diagnosable and treatable.

The problem of CT scan overprescribing arises from a number of factors, including:

  • Significant profit to be made on each scan
  • Doctors being able to excuse the scans as in the best interest of the patient due to a desire to have as much information as possible before making a diagnosis
  • The fact many doctors own partial shares in medical imaging businesses, directing the profits from these scans back to the prescribing physicians
  • Some doctors being able to perform the scans in-house, allowing them to benefit from the profits directly

So long as there is a monetary incentive to a behavior, there will be people willing to put the health of others at risk to maximize the amount of money they make. It is impossible to know which doctors are recommending these scans because they truly believe in them, and which doctors are just trying to fill their own pockets.

If you have a developed a form of cancer associated with exposure to CT scan radiation, proving that the CT scans were responsible can be difficult. The medical establishment resists admitting the danger of these types of procedures, and will do everything in their power not to grant you the compensation you are entitled. Please, contact an attorney with experience fighting the medical establishment.

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