Negligence and the Fine Art of Deflection


A tragic situation in Boston has left a young woman in critical condition. Lizzy Scotland, 22, plunged two stories after damage to an elevator door left an opening large enough for a person to fall through. The family has asked for prayers and privacy, desperately hoping their loved one will recover. This type of accident could happen to anyone at any time, and there are few precautions a person can take to prevent it. We can be vigilant about our surroundings, but living in fear isn’t an answer either. All we can do is trust that the people in charge of keeping public spaces safe are doing their jobs.

This is a troubling situation made even more troubling by the response of Fenway Park officials. Officials repeatedly pointed out that the elevator had just been inspected the previous Friday (though even then it received only a temporary certificate to operate due to other problems), and that the damage to the door must have occurred since the time of inspection. Though these deflections may be true, they don’t change the fact that Fenway Park, which pays host to tens of thousands of fans on a regular basis, has dozens if not hundreds of employees who must have walked or used this elevator after it was damaged. The park just have had employees whose primary job duties revolve around making sure that conditions are safe.

If you have been injured in any type of accident, be wary of the negligent party attempting to deflect blame. Look for them to:

  • Repeat over and over again how things were during previous inspections.
  • Blame unknown parties for the dangers on the premises.
  • Insist on an internal investigation only.
  • Dwell on what the injured person was doing at the time of the accident.

If you or someone you love is unfortunate enough to be injured, and you feel that you are getting nothing but deflections when all you want are answers, never hesitate to contact a lawyer with the experience necessary to make sure all the facts come to light.

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