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People are drawn to causes where they feel they are making an active difference. There are always fundraisers for important issues like cancer and diabetes, because the search for a cure is a powerful idea. These are very noble pursuits, but one danger that sends thousands of people to the

It’s a cliché that dogs are man’s best friend. They serve as companions, and can protect us. However, dogs can bite—and at times unexpectedly—and those bites can be deadly. Serious and fatal dog bites have consistently been found in the news nationwide. New Jersey newspapers reported that a 115-pound bull

New studies show that a cat bite is just as critical as a dog bite. This means you may want to think twice when playing with the neighbor’s pet. Can a tiny cat bite develop into an injury that could be the base cause of a personal injury lawsuit? Some

The holidays bring about unexpected activity for pets and their owners, especially for those who travel with dogs or visit homes with dogs. Extra activity can make pets anxious. In the past, we’ve talked about what you can do if you, your child or someone you know has been bitten

The Centers for Disease Controls estimates that nearly 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, and that 885,000 of those have injuries severe enough to warrant an emergency room visit. Still, sadly, some of these bites and attacks are fatal. The situation becomes even more sad when children

An average of 4.9 million people annually are bitten by dogs, according to the Center for Disease Controls. Some of them cause people to visit the emergency room, and many of the victims are small children. But, adults too, can encounter dogs in the neighborhood, especially dogs that are not

In a recent episode highlighting a list of the top 10 animal attacks on humans, featured on the Discovery Channel, the countdown showed video accounts of animal attacks at zoos and safaris. It was not difficult to realize that caged animals are still wild, no matter the environment or safe

Dog bites have become an every day occurrence as far as hospital visits are concerned nationwide. Troublesome for both the owner and the victim, dog bites create animosity, conflict, resentment, anger and fear (and that goes for the dog, too). Most dog owners think their dogs are “fine” and balk