DePuy Made False Claims When Marketing Pinnacle Implants


It is a terrible thing to develop and release a dangerous product, such as the defectively designed Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants released by DePuy. These products broke down quickly due to defective design, with metal shavings from the faulty implants being released into the body, putting patients at risk for a multitude of side effects. Business decisions like this are ethically unacceptable, and businesses must be held accountable for them.

Developing and releasing dangerous products is wrong, but DePuy did not stop there. Instead, relying on faulty claims and studies, DePuy misled doctors and patients into believing that the longevity of these models exceeded previous releases, despite the fact that many patients required revision surgery within five years of the initial procedure.

These false and misleading claims drew the attention of various Attorney Generals, and DePuy was sued, ultimately paying the states 120 million dollars to settle these claims of false advertising. Though this has allowed the affected states to recoup some of the money wasted on these dangerous devices, it did little to compensate individuals who suffered due to these false claims.

Though repairing state budgets and reimbursing tax dollars that were misspent is important, the people who received defectively designed implants deserve their compensation as well. DePuy continued to market the product even after the danger was apparent, and many people received hip implants after the Pinnacle series should have been pulled from the market.

If you or someone you love has suffered side effects of the breakdown of a metal-on-metal implant, you are well aware of the long-term health ramifications of having metal shavings and other debris in your body. If you were particularly unlucky, damage to the joint could have accumulated to the point that revision surgery is difficult. Please reach out to an experienced attorney and continue to hold DePuy accountable for their actions.

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