Hundreds of Children Exposed to Lead Paint Risks


Since investigative reporting first revealed the New York City Housing Authority had failed in its duty to monitor apartments and homes for lead paint, the city and Mayor have consistently attempted to downplay the extent of the problem. Yet as reporters have continued to dig, indications are that the initial reports actually understated the number of children at risk. New reports have revised the number of at-risk children up to approximately 800 kids.

Now Mayor de Blasio has doubled the number of units that will require inspection to insure lead paint has been identified and remediated. The New York City Housing Authority had previously insisted only 55,000 units posed a potential health hazard, but the Mayor has announced that 175,000 units actually require additional review.

The dangers of lead paint to children are multifaceted, and include:

  • Acute health issues, including abdominal pain and headaches
  • Acute behavioral issues, including irritability and difficulty focusing
  • Long-term health issues, including damage to the central nervous system and developmental disabilities

Federal regulators are poised to intervene to ensure the New York City Housing Authority finally fulfills its mission to protect the people of New York. The Mayor is insisting that the full extent of the issue has now been revealed, but similar assurances have been offered before. Until an independent agency verifies the truth of these claims, it is difficult to know for certain whether or not the health of children is being properly prioritized.

If your child has suffered due to abnormally high levels of lead in the blood, determining when and where the exposure occurred is important to limiting future issues. Please, consult with an experienced attorney regarding your case. A qualified lawyer can help you explore potential sources of lead exposure and can help you make your case.

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