Arts and Craft Activities Should Be Monitored


On occasion, the line between care and negligence can be blurred. For example, failure to properly monitor a young child using kid-safe scissors can result in a cut, even with the dull blades. Children can also quickly swallow a bead or other small object if caregivers are not paying careful attention. Arts and crafts activities can be particularly susceptible to this, as children use implements such as scissors and paint that are not readily available at other times.

The story out of Chicago is not blurry at all. Two daycare workers are under arrest after five toddlers were injured with hot glue. Even utilizing a hot glue gun near toddlers is a dangerous idea, as small hands might reach out and grab either the gun or the glue. But in this circumstance, the two women were caught on security cameras applying the hot glue directly to the small children’s skin.

Negligence is usually the failure to do something a person is supposed to do, such as to monitor children during lunch to ensure no one chokes. Unfortunately, negligence happens far too often in many nursery schools and daycare settings. Abuse such as intentionally causing burns is rarer, but still much too common.

Security cameras are a boon for anyone seeking justice in situations of daycare abuse, but cameras are no substitute for parental oversight. The cameras were not checked until a parent complained of their child’s noticeable burns. After consulting the footage, the police were called and the two were arrested, and the video offers substantial proof of guilt.

If your child has been injured in a daycare facility, moving quickly to secure evidence is important. Even if cameras are used, the footage is often overwritten within a few days to a few weeks. Please, consult with an experienced attorney who can help you make your case.

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