Patterns of Abuse in Daycare Injuries


People who take advantage of others do so in all walks of their lives. They display a pattern of behavior, and oftentimes once they are caught doing one thing wrong investigators discover a whole list of other crimes. That is the case with the women in charge of the Alphabet Academy Learning Center of Salem, Oregon.

The pattern only began to emerge when photos surfaced of the two women, Charity Araujo and her daughter Moriah Jaeger, smoking marijuana insight of children at the day care. Parents had long complained about the program, and many had pulled their children entirely, but many other parents were still unaware of the criminal behaviors their children were being witness to each day.

When the Department of Health Services opened an investigation, they discovered:

  • The women and their family members regularly used recreational drugs in front of the children they had been hired to care for
  • The workers at the daycare frequently ignored the children’s needs
  • The family members routinely falsified documents to obtain additional permits and licenses from the state to provide care
  • A long history of violations of health and safety rules that put children in jeopardy

Finding the right daycare provider for our children is a difficult task made more difficult by the fact that so many important documents are not available to parents. A daycare provider can be cited multiple times for health violations and parents are not aware until conclusive proof of their terrible behavior becomes public.

If your child has been the victim of daycare abuse or injury, it is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Other children have probably been abused and put at risk, and it is important you do what you can to bring this information to the public. Please contact a qualified lawyer who can help you do what is right and hold the guilty to account.

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