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It’s a strange sentiment, but defrauding taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars was definitely the least terrible thing a particular chain of daycares was doing in New York City. A recent probe of nine daycares in the Brooklyn and Staten Island areas revealed that the company that managed them

When we pick our children up from daycare, we usually ask them how their days went, and we smile to hear stories of songs, games, and other activities. There is something incredibly reassuring about having our children tell us how much fun they are having, and we assume that if

It’s hard to pick a daycare, but we do our best. We tour the place ahead of time, and we ask all the important questions. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. A tour of the facility can be staged to hide any problems. All the light sockets can be safety plugged and

We have all heard the horror stories about daycare abuse and injuries. As a result, some of us have resorted to having an in-home babysitter instead of putting our kids in the hands of a center who has to watch several children at one time. While using our neighbor or

When searching for the perfect daycare for your child, it is no surprise that there may be some unlicensed daycares in the mix, whether you realize it or not. With so many of the centers offering various features, it maybe temping to go with a daycare center that has a

The routine for many working parents includes taking their children to daycare, whether a personal daycare provider, or a preschool or other organization. Mom and Dad know it’s a positive move for their children to socialize and interact with others, while serving as a way to keep the kids occupied

In a recent case in Ocala, Florida a daycare was cited for negligence when a one-year-old child climbed onto a chair, fell, landed on his head and later died from severe head injuries. The daycare was a private daycare in the home of a woman who had been denied licensure

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