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From October to January, many struggle with maintaining or losing weight during this festive holiday season. Overeating and drinking are out of control and we jump on any bandwagon in January to combat the extra pounds we’ve accumulated during holiday indulgences. With weight-loss choices ranging from organized meetings to magic

The United States Food and Drug Administration issues warnings when they uncover cases of defective drugs, and urge manufacturers to stop production and distribution of these drugs. But, what about some of the drugs that we still have in our homes whose side effects are not severe enough to pull

Adverse side effects from taking a drug that has been labeled defective are a leading cause of death among adults. A drug can be deemed defective when the negative side effects outweigh the positive outcome. The list of defective drugs is long when it comes to products manufactured and prescribed

Lisinopril, statins, various birth control and fertility drugs. The list goes on. Do these sound familiar to you? We take the advice of our doctor who prescribes these and other drugs after our annual check up. We renew the prescription every time and don’t pay much attention to the warnings