Dieting in the New Year: Recalls to Watch


From October to January, many struggle with maintaining or losing weight during this festive holiday season. Overeating and drinking are out of control and we jump on any bandwagon in January to combat the extra pounds we’ve accumulated during holiday indulgences. With weight-loss choices ranging from organized meetings to magic energy bars and diet pills, we pick the one that will take of the weight quickly, but not necessarily safely.

Diet pill recalls have made the news for many years, as some of the diet pills are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. With components like ephedrine and other stimulants that cause excessive and rapid heart rate leading to fatalities, it pays to be aware of what you are taking before it is too late. The latest in their succession of diet pill recalls is Oxy-Elite Pro, recently recalled in November because of its links to liver damage. So far, one person has died, another obtained a transplant, and several others are in line for liver transplants. The drug, which has been sold in retail outlets and online, is said to promote muscle building and weight loss. When so many products catch our attention, how can we be sure of the safety of the product before we take it?

Check for these guidelines before taking any drug to aid in weight loss or muscle building efforts:

  • Investigate the product online and read reviews before taking any supplement, but do not be too quick to believe everything you read. Check with a specialist for confirmation.
  • Find out who regulates the production and distribution (many are unregulated).
  • Look at the ingredients and do some research before going any further.
  • Be aware of any unusual health symptoms if you have already started taking the drug: fatigue, suddenly becoming violently ill, hepatitis, or rapid heart rate.
  • Sudden reduced prices of the product: there may be an attempt by the manufacturer to get rid of the drug quickly. A sales price does not signify success of a product’s ability to lose weight or build muscle.

If you have taken a weight loss (or any other drug) that you suspect may be damaging, you should see your physician immediately, file a report with the FDA Med Watch program, and seek an attorney who is renowned for handling cases involving non-prescription and prescribed over-the-counter drugs and recalls.

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