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For decades consumer advocates have sounded the alarms regarding flammable Halloween costumes, yet the risk to children remains much the same as it was twenty or thirty years ago. Many children’s costumes are still fashioned from cheap flammable materials, including plastics that can melt to the child’s skin if ignited.

Defective products can cause accidents, injuries and potentially serious illnesses. Product recalls by the company or manufacturer, along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, are designed to inform the public of hazardous products and provide information on how to return or exchange them and obtain a refund. It is important

Less than a month after Samsung issued a recall of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7 phone, the South Korean company has announced that it will no longer manufacture or sell the problematic model. Despite the recall, reports of replacement phones overheating and exploding continued, forcing Samsung to completely take

We have been conditioned to believe that washing our hands with antibacterial soap will not only get them cleaner, but will be more effective in stopping the spread of germs. In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told soap manufacturers to prove that this was the case, and that

It took 27 deaths before CR Bard began to recall its G2 blood filters. It took 27 deaths before CR Bard even bothered to stop selling the product. Now NBC News wants to know why. NBC News identifies a number of potential reasons, including: Failure to identify common causes in

When designing a child bicycle trailer, it stands to reason that the bare minimum safety standard should be to ensure the wheels, safety belt, and tow bar are safe. Without these three elements, there is nothing else that can be done to make the trailer safe to use. Despite this,